Asia IV Infotext

Asian Diplomacy IV (gS Mod v2.0 - see below)
by David Lawler, Peter Baer and Pitt Crandlemire

New Map (no changes regarding adjacencies) and adaption for Realpolitik by René M. Linka and Frank Bacher ( This version reflects the Crandlemire-Mod of Asian Diplomacy III; w/o further modifications.
Basically Crandlemire scaled down the Himalayas, thereby adding adjacency of Cal, Del and Kun.
Furthermore he changed some supply centers: he deleted Bangladesh (ban), New Guinea (new) and Tien Shan (tia), while he added Burma (bur), Korea (kor) and Kunlun (kun).

Many thanks to Martin Asal for his great advice to our map design and of course for using our map in his Diplomap (

Note that there are absolutely no rule changes from the standard Dip rulebook. Just a new map. Comments: canals are similar to Constantinople in the regular Vanilla game; ie fleets and armies may cross, but only one may be occupying one territory at a time. Asian Diplomacy has almost no historical basis.

Costal Regions:
There are the following costel regions: ara wc/ec, bal ec/sc, irn nc/sc, sev ec/wc

Countries and Starting Positions:
There are 7 nations. As with Youngstown, there are 2 nations beginning with the letter "I"; once again, the letter "N" is used for India. "I" is used by Indonesia.

The starting positions are:
A Beijing
A Tibet
F Shanghai 
A Calcutta
A Delhi
F Bombay  
F Borneo
 F Java 
F Sumatra
F Hokkaido
F Honshu
A Manchuria
F Philippines
A Moscow
A Sevastopol
F St Petersburg
A Irkutsk  
F Kamchatka 
A West Siberia
A Iran
A Iraq
F Arabia (east coast)
Victory Conditions
40 territories are marked as supply centers, and 21 are needed to win.

Accepted Abbreviations:

Afghanistan, afg
Arabia, ara arab
Arabian Sea, ars arabian
Arctic Sea, arc art arctic artic
Australia, aus oz
Black Sea, bla bls black
Balkans, bal balkan
Barents Sea, bar bas barent barents
Bangladesh, ban
Bay of Bengal, bob bay bengal
Beijing, bjg bei pek peking biejing
Bering Strait, ber bes bering
Bombay, bom
Borneo, bor kal kalimantan
Burma, bur
Calcutta, cal
Cambodia, cam
Caspian Sea, cas caspian
Caucasus, cau cauc
Celebes Sea, cel ces celebes
Central Indian Ocean, cio cen central indian centralindian
Chongqing, chq cho ckg chon chong
Chucki Sea, chu chs chukchi chucki chuckisea
Delhi, del
East Africa, eaf eafrica africa
Eastern African Sea, eas eae african eastafrican
East China Sea, ecs eac ech eastchina
East Siberia, esb esib esiberia
Eastern Indian Ocean, eio eind
Eastern Mediterranean, eme emed ems eme easternmediterranean
Egypt, egy
Ekaterinburg, eka
Hokkaido, hok
Hong Kong, hkg hong kong hk
Honshu, hon
Irkutsk, irk
Iran, irn teh tehran
Iraq, irq bag baghdad
Java, jav
Jawan Sea, jvs jws jawasea jawansea
Kamchatka, kam
Kazakhstan, kaz kas kazakstan
Korea, kor cor corea
Kunlun, kun
Laos, lao
Livonia, liv lvn livo lvo lva
Madagascar, mad
Manchuria, man
Mongolia, mon mongol
Moscow, mos mus
New Guinea, new newguinea guinea iri irian irianjaya
Novosibirsk, nov
Oman, oma
Pakistan, pak
Persian Gulf, per persian
Philippines, phi phil philippines philipines phillippines
Red Sea, red redsea
Sea of Okhotsk, okh sea soo okhotsk seaofokutsk seaofokhutsk oku okutsk
Sevastopol, sev sevastapol
South China Sea, scs sch southchina
Seychelles, sey
Shanghai, sha
South Indian Ocean, sio southindian
Sri Lanka, sri lanka cey ceylon
St. Petersburg, stp sai saint st
Sumatra, sum sumatera
Syria, syr
Thai Sea, ths thai
Thailand, tha sia siam
Tien Shan, tia tie tya tienshan tian tien tyen tienshan
Tibet, tib
Turkey, tur turk
Urals, ura ural
Ukraine, ukr
Uzbekistan, uzb
Vietnam, vie viet
Vladivostok, vla
Warsaw, war
West Siberia, wsb wes wsib wsiberia
Yakutsk, yak
Yellow Sea, yel yellow
Yemen, yem

Changes from gS Mod v1.0 to v2.0:
Basically we applied all Crandlemire-Mods (see above), so the Bitmap as well as the map-File are now consistent with the original Asian Diplomacy IV.

Furthermore we corrected the adjacency of Esb and Irk and redrew the adjacency of Egypt, Syria and Arabia (still Asia IV consistent).