Maharajah 2.0 - Infotext

Maharajah's Diplomacy is set in the Indian subcontinent and surrounding regions in the time shortly before the conquest of much of the region by the Mughals and the beginning of European colonization.

Please note that the specialized River Convoy rules and modified "chaos build" Home Center rules stated below are not implemented in Realpolitik. GMs will need to monitor the adjudications, and make changes where necessary.

Variant Rules:
All rules are as in Standard, except as follows:

(1) The victory criterion is ownership of a majority of the Supply Centers (19 out of 37).

(2) Navigable Rivers/River Convoys. The rivers on the map, representing the Indus, the Ganges/ Brahmaputra/ Patna/ Hooghly, and the Irrawaddy are available for fleets to travel up to the interior, and they can be used to convoy. The fleets will be on the provinces, as the rivers are not spaces themselves, but merely indicators. If a fleet attacks a convoying fleet in a river province, the river convoy is disrupted whether or not the attack is successful, except that a fleet located in the destination province of a river convoy which attacks one of the fleets convoying an army to the destination province must dislodge the convoying fleet for a river convoy to be disrupted. An attacking army must dislodge the convoying fleet for a river convoy to be disrupted.

(3) Additional Home Centers. If a power leaves a specific unit on a Supply Center whether owned by that power or not) for an entire game calendar year (consecutive Spring, Fall and Winter turns), then that Supply Center becomes a new Home Supply Center for that power. Moving a different unit onto the Supply Center in the fall is not effective for this purpose. In that case, just as in Standard Diplomacy, the Supply Center is a Home Supply Center for the original owner, but presently belongs to a different power. A Supply Center can only be a Home Supply Center for one power at a time, so if power A converts power B's Home Supply Center to a Home Supply Center for power A, then power B must recapture and reconvert the Supply Center in order for it to once more be a Home Supply Center for power B.

(4) The starting year of the variant is 1501.

(5) The adjustment phase or turn, commonly known as "Winter", may be called “Monsoon".

© David E. Cohen, adapted for Realpolitik by F. Bacher, G. Alexopolous, E. Janbu und D. E. Cohen